JobTech: Career and College Readiness 

Uses a multi-learning style approach designed to lead students through investigating and planning for their high school, post-secondary education, and career success. Students will create a personalized high school or post secondary action plan and acquire essential skills to be fully prepared for the transition into young adulthood. Students will use their interests and talents to explore future career and post-secondary opportunities and obtain the skills necessary to enhance their future.


Community Resilience Model

Strength-based Trauma Training

The primary focus of CRM is to educate individuals about the biology and neurophysiology of trauma, stress, and resilience as well as teach simple biologically-based wellness skills, which can help reset and stabilize the nervous system. Through CRM, individuals learn to read sensations connected to their own well-being and understand their personal data,


Fostering Resilience: Your Strengths in Action

A Strength-based Approach 

This program can be tailored for children, youth and adults, providing specific strategies and tools to identify and foster their strengths.  We incorporate intentionally curated socially & culturally relevant materials. 


Concepts Introduced: 

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 

  • Resilience Zone 

  • Human Biology: Nervous System 

  • Community Resilience Model Skills 

  • Positive Relationship Building  


Digital and Social Media Literacy

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